Philipp R. Proksch

Fullstack Developer

I completed the Codecademy Course “Create Websites from Scratch” because I got interested in creating nice things on the Web. After graduating, I was able to build these simple Websites using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and started digging deeper into the Web Development World.

About a Year, and a couple of little projects later, I enrolled in the “Front End Web Development Nanodegree” by Udacity and finished it soon afterwards. It gave me valuable experience with JavaScript, SCSS, Node.JS, Webpack, handling APIs and much more.

Now that I am working full-time as a Web Developer, I'm learning to use these tools in a professional environment to create business apps and solve real-world problems.

I’m always enthusiastic about new technology, I’m currently learning React to create modern, fast and beautiful websites. I’m also learning about IT-Security & PEN-Testing.